I travel for business about once every month to two months. I enjoy seeing the sights and “taking it all in” as they say. I’m not sure who “they” are, but they always seem to be having a good time. Anyway, that part about taking it all in includes the local cuisine.

I like trying new or different foods, something that I don’t eat at home or can’t find near home. On some trips, that’s just craft beer. On other trips, it’s fast food like In-n-Out. The problem is that most of these treats while on travel are full of carbs…and I’m on a low carb diet at the moment.

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After a long, long winter filled with beer drinking and stuffing my face with junk food and lots of calories, it was time to take action in terms of diet. I needed a simple diet plan to kick start me into action. Something I could focus on, giving me a goal to drive towards. That’s where The Carb Nite Solution diet comes into play.

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There’s trouble. Trouble I tell you. Trouble in this here biketown. Maybe I should stop with the old timey sheriff voice and get to the point. I have a problem with my bike.


That’s the trouble right there in a nut shell. My rear wheel is busted and it’s time for a new one. I’m not happy with it at all. Well, who would be? The problem is that wheels are expensive and I’m just finding the problem now, as spring is about to sprung. I’m mad at myself for not finding the problem sooner, during the long winter.

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Winter is my least favorite season. I hate being cold all the time, wearing layers and layers of clothes in the house, turning up the thermostat and watching the money fly out the door, and not being able to ride my bike.

I refuse to ride in the cold weather because I hate it so much. I don’t even own clothing for cold weather riding. I can keep riding into November most years, but only if the weather cooperates. I shut it down for outdoor riding in December and don’t come out for air until March.

I’m sitting here now in my house wearing two shirts, a sweatshirt over the shirts, a winter hat, and shorts (ironically, my legs don’t get cold). I’ll probably put a blanket around me later when I sit on the couch. This is a miserable feeling for me. I would rather endure the heat and humidity of summer when the weather is at the peak and I’m sweating bullets than have to deal with winter. I’m even thinking about a long vacation in Florida.

The worst part is that I have spun downward into this terrible mental spiral this year.

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The cycling blog is back! I Wear Spandex rides again, in full spandex kit once again!

I’m hitting the airwaves just in time for the 2015 cycling season, too. It doesn’t look like cycling or spring are coming anytime soon as I look out my window, but I know this snow has to melt sometime. Man, I hate winter. I hate snow, cold temperatures, feeling so cold that you don’t want to get out of bed…I hate all of it. I’m so glad we are on the back half of winter and will see warmer temperatures soon.

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