Bicycle Safety – The Squirrel with the Death Wish

I’m surrounded by squirrels. In and around my neighborhood. Near my house. All around, there are squirrels.

My dog thinks she can catch them. Every time she sees a squirrel more than ten feet from a tree, she thinks she has a shot. She never has a shot. Squirrels are too crafty, too smart, and generally too busy to be bothered by a drooling dog.

Well, most squirrels fit that mold. There is one squirrel in particular that does not fit that mold. I call this guy the squirrel with a death wish.

Bicycle safety becomes important when you come across a squirrel with a death wish.  See how I handled it here.

I'm exhausted after riding 420 miles during April for the 30-Days of Biking challenge. See the results here.

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