Buy a Cyclist a “Beer”

IWS Post 55We all have friends.  Sometimes we go out with those friends.  Sometimes that leads us to a bar where they serve beer.  A nice thing to do for a friend is to buy them a beer.


Buying a beer for a friend can say so much.  Sometimes it has a deeper meaning and conveys an unspoken conversation, especially between men.  It can say things like:

  • “Thanks for helping me move that furniture.”
  • “Thanks for letting me borrow that power tool.”
  • “Sorry that I never returned your power tool.”
  • “You have to try this beer, it rocks!”
  • “Hey, it’s my turn to buy.”


Well in this particular case, buying a beer is more figurative than literal.  You see, Patrick over at Red Kite Prayer would love you to buy him a beer.  But more than that, he really needs the money that it takes to buy that beer.


Patrick was recently involved in a cycling crash that left him with stitches, a bruised ego, and a huge medical bill.  Patrick’s friend asked if we could help him out with the medical bill part.  I’m glad he didn’t ask for help with the stitches, I am slow and sloppy with my sewing.


So the request is for a $5 donation (or more if you like) towards the bills accrued by RKP.  That’s the average cost of a beer, a good beer anyway.  I bought him a beer already with my $5 donation.  You can do the same with a donation at RKP’s site.


I don’t know Patrick and I only read RKP on occasion (wish I had time for more), but he is a cyclist and that’s all I needed to know.  I am a fellow cyclist and glad to help out.  I never know when I’ll need someone to buy me a beer.


Good luck to Patrick in his recovery.  Get well soon and heal fast.  Cheers!


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