Winner, Winner, Contest Winner – Winning Contests as a New Blogger

I am a WINNER!  That’s right, a WINNER!  I bet you want to be a winner, too.


It’s so great to be a winner.  So exciting.  Most people think of the lottery when they say they want to be a winner.  Most people also think of the lottery when they say, “I’ve never won anything in my life.”


Well, I have news for all of those people who say they “never win anything” or they “haven’t won anything ever.”  You can be a winner just like me.  All you have to do is get out there on the interwebs and connect with people.


Small business owners and bloggers just like me are looking for ways to say “thank you” to their loyal customers and readers.  A great way to do that is with contest give-aways.


Here are recent contests that I have won:



Contest from Bike2Power

Prize Won:  $25 Amazon Gift Card

Bike2Power ran a “Likes” contest on their Facebook fan page.  They were striving for 300 Likes on their page at the time.  They chose a few random “Likes” from the page and picked them as winners.  Bike2Power is now closing in on 2,000 likes, in a few short months.  So this contest, and a few others, certainly worked for them.


Over at Bike2Power, they have some very unique products.  If you are a cyclist and have ever thought, “my cell phone battery dies too fast on my bike rides,” then you are in luck.  In addition, they share some interesting things on their Facebook fan page.


I took my gift card and purchased a great cycling bookThe Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France by Daniel Coyle.


I just started reading the book and I’m very excited about it.  I just finished rereading Coyle’s previous cycling book called, Lance Armstrong’s War.  I read it years ago and reading it again was a great eye opener.  It was like reading a current events book, but with the future knowledge of the doping scandal already factored in.  All of the signs were there.  I don’t know why I refused to see them.


Careful, I almost got a full head of steam going on the cycling doping drama.  To see more about that, check this post.



Contest from Live The New Economy

Prize Won:  Book called The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau


LTNE ran a contest for a book give-away.  The idea behind giving away this book came from inspiration from Mike, founder of LTNE.  Mike got some great inspiration from the book and wanted to share it with others.  His idea was to inscribe the book with his name and website.  His hope was that the winner would do the same…enjoy the book, then inscribe it and give it away.  His own version of “pay it forward.” 


Well, Mike is in luck.  As the contest winner, I’m excited to do just that.  I will inscribe the book with my name and website and give it away in a contest.  I just have to finish reading and using the book first.  Then I have to come up with a contest idea for the give-away.  Give me a few months.



Contest from Loving The Bike

Prize Won:  Socks for Cycling/Running by Darn Tough Vermont

Darryl at LTB ran a contest with socks as the prize.  He attended Interbike recently and was impressed with the company, Darn Tough Vermont, especially with their unconditional guarantee.  Very few companies will stand behind their products so vigorously these days.  That makes Darn Tough stand out from the crowd.


Darryl had some sock samples to give away and he ran a contest to award them.  You had to tell him about the worst pair of cycling socks you have owned and he randomly chose winners.  That may sound like no big deal…just socks.  But let me assure you, these socks rock!


I won a pair of the Darn Tough socks and they are my new favorite socks!  The thickness is just right for comfort and they provide good warmth for cool weather riding.  I’ve only worn them twice, but I am hooked.



Contests Everywhere

I encourage you to seek out all different kinds of blogs and small business sites.  Within those blogs and small business sites, you will find some contests, just like the ones I found above.  There is a simple method to find those sites


  • Pick a topic, like cycling, coffee, or even sky diving. 
  • Go to your favorite social media site.  Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Use the search function and look up your preferred topic.


You will find tons of results.  Narrow down the sites until you find your favorites.  Somewhere in that group of sites, you are bound to find some contests.  Follow the site, be engaged, and enter all the contests you see. 


I can’t guarantee you will win, but I know you have a much better shot at winning something there than you do at winning the lottery.  Good luck!


Have you won any contests from blogs or small business sites?  Tell me about it in the comments.


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